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Hello United Kingdom!  Hello England! Hello Scotland! Hello Wales! Hello Northern Ireland! Hello Neighbours!

Berlin-Tourist-Service would like to say thank you for the majestic White Cliffs that welcome all visitors arriving by ship. We also would like to say thank you for the beautiful landscapes of Cornwall and Wales. Thank you for letting us adopt your Royal Family. Thank you for the British humour of Monty Python, the music of the Beatles, and for all the exciting football matches down the years. Finally we would like to say thank you for the culinary delights of Fish and Chips, Mulligatawny Soup and the high-calorie Christmas pudding.  

Thank you that you’re our neighbours!


Hello Connaught, hello Leinster, hello Munster, hello Ulster!  Hello Ireland! Hello Neighbours!

Thank you for the beauty of Ireland, for the bountiful and ever-present green! Thank you for the melancholic ruggedness of the Connaught landscape, for the unique Newgrange in Leinster, and for the breathtaking nature of Munster, the province where surely the colour green was invented. Finally, thank you for the dramatic cliffs of Ulster, whose sight the onlooker will never forget. Thank you for Irish Stew, for the world-famous Whiskey and for all those special Irish moments in the many pubs.

Thank you that you’re our neighbours!

Berlin-Tourist-Service would like to say thank you by offering individual sightseeing tours, exciting city guides and walks, and many special and unique events. With Berlin-Tourist Service you’ll get a lasting impression making your visit to Berlin an unforgettable experience! Be our guest. We look forward to seeing you!

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